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Corruption in Michigan: 4
Fri, 06 Jun 2003

 Part Three in this ongoing series ended with news that state and federal investigations into allegations made by former Ferndale PD Lieutenant Tom Thomson were ongoing and it looked like some heads may roll. Last week, former Taylor Police Chief Thomas Bonner was charged with embezzlement as a result of one of those investigations. Bonner reportedly complained to his friend, Ferndale Police Chief Michael Kitchen, about Thomson's investigations into Taylor PD cases. Lt. Thomson, who lost his job for doing his job, is suing to get his badge back, which is good news for the residents of Ferndale. The Michigan Attorney General's Office is prosecuting this state case, which was investigated by the Michigan State Police major case team. Related investigations are still ongoing so stay tuned. Here's the local news story:
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Corruption in Michigan: 3
Tue, 07 Jan 2003

The federal courthouse in the Eastern District of Michigan is being renovated, but thanks to the Honorable Bernard A. Friedman, justice doesn't need a courtroom. On January 29, 2003 at 1:00 p.m., the Ferndale Police Department, Taylor Police Department and Southgate Office of the Fire Equipment Company asked Judge Friedman to dismiss the case filed against them by Lieutenant Tom Thomson. In Room 126 of Wayne State Law School in Detroit, the judge listened intently as lawyers for the defendants sought dismissal because their clients are entitled to qualified immunity. After 90 minutes, Judge Friedman, who was a city attorney before being appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, had heard enough. He denied the motion from the bench, but discovery in the Thomson case has not yet begun because state and federal authorities are still executing search warrants.
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Corruption in Michigan: 2
Wed, 11 Dec 2002

In law enforcement, things are pretty much black or white. This series is about a man with a badge who questioned why a neighboring police department chose not to investigate a crime committed in their city. When Lieutenant Tom Thomson pressed for an investigation and went directly to the DA, the folks at Taylor PD were not happy. When he started looking at other cases Taylor PD had decided not to investigate, rather than thank him for his help, they complained to his boss and got him fired. And so, in the black or white world of cops and robbers, Thomson, a 22 year veteran, went from white to black, friend to enemy, employed to unemployable. Sound familiar? TB has obtained three letters which appear to have been written to make Lt. Thomson appear less credible. You be the judge. (download 3 letters now).
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Corruption in Michigan: 1
Mon, 11 Nov 2002

When it came to ID theft or other financial crimes, Lieutenant Tom Thomson, a 22 year veteran of the Ferndale Police Department, was considered the "go-to guy". Well known and respected for his 100% conviction rate, Thomson was increasingly sought after to speak at training seminars for IBM and other corporations who needed his expertise.
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This site is dedicated to the many law enforcement professionals who bring honor to the badge. Officers who report corruption should be promoted, not punished and ostracized.

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